How to Fix the broken kiprok Regulator, the Mio Soul motorcycle

S P C : Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings,, saifulcomelektronik on this occasion will review a little about How to Fix the Regulator kiprok damaged, the motorcycle Mio, Regulator kiprok is a tool that is contained on a motorcycle who served as voltage stabilizer electricity on the bike, puncture of the Regulator kiprok it is to change the AC current from the motorcycle coil into DC current and DC current supplied to the battery so that battery AKI always be filled if the motorcycle in the turn.

How to Fix the broken kiprok Regulator, the Mio Soul motorcycle

How to Know the general Damage Regulator kiprok
  • Damage Regulator kiprok often happens is that excessive heat on the kiprok Regulator when the motorcycle engine in turn.
  • If the battery is dead motorcycle often broken, but battery is still in new condition that means kiprok Regulator is damaged, Because leaking AC currents passing through output DC. 
  • If the battery state of was new but often the battery charging and the battery overdrawn back, when running the bike a few kilometers later. if experience thus meaning Regulator kiprok Dead total.

Well, the faithful readers, three points above is general damage that often occurs in kiprok Regulator motorcycle. But you do not have worry, on occasion I will share to you all about how to fix a broken kiprok Regulator. Actually in the kiprok Regulators are structure electronic components, consisting of

Transistor, Resistor, Diode, capacitor components are then assembled and collated by cooling so that it becomes a tool that regulators kiprok a motorcycle. Note the picture below, Figure Regulator kiprok motorcycle I've unloading.

How to Fix the broken kiprok Regulator, the Mio Soul motorcycle

Pictured above is a picture of a motorcycle Regulator kiprok damaged MIO myself, then I glue unloading silicon is why I am loading ? Because I suspect this tool. Why do I suspect this tool? Because battery motorcycle Aki I often come up short, but I just charger battery using battery chargers AKI.

Regulators damage kiprok my motorcycle is one PIN connector and a scorched at the base of freelance connector pin, the pin is fused at kiprok Regulator component itself, so that the battery does not get supply battery tension of Regulator kiprok Such DC, so that the battery becomes overdrawn. Then, pin connector that despite the use of solder I reconnect the electricity. To connect a pin that broke the leg had to dismantle the glue SILICON Regulator kiprok of the shells, for more details please see the picture below:

How to Fix the broken kiprok Regulator, the Mio Soul motorcycle

SILICON Lem puncture on kiprok Regulator Such is the protector of the water components contained in the kiprok Regulator.

In conclusion
Well, In the motorcycle kiprok Regulators are components - components that are easily replaced and were found one by one on the market. This means that: The kiprok Regulator can be fixed without having to buy a new kiprok Regulators are relatively expensive too ....
Readers loyal companions S P C Thus the first article of this one that discusses How to Improve Regulatory kiprok Mio motorbike damaged Soul hopefully this article useful for you and beneficial also for everyone. if there is something wrong with the explanation in this article, you can add it via the comments field provided on the website is simple. Thank you for your attention,…..


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