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How to make the inverter 12 volt to 220 volt

How to make the inverter 12 volt to 220 volt

Surely you already know Inverter is what ? inverter is a device for changing from the AC signal to a DC signal.

This time I will make a simple inverter, the ingredients we need to make an inverter is:

1. Transformers 1 piece
2. Transistor 2 pieces
3. Resistor 2 pieces
4. Cables to taste
5. Battery 1 piece
6. Assembling

After the above points have been complete, ....
Now the assembly process to create a simple inverter from 12 volts to 220 volts AC, first I make this inverter of assembling a tool that makes a simple 12 volt battery charger then after a miraculous day arise initiative makes inverters continue my garage so simple inverter. This inverter can turn on the electric bulb 5 watt fluorescent suitable to use any electricity when dead.

To use the transformer 12 volt transformer that have the CT that can be made as an inverter, transformer above picture I took of the former DVD player before the transformer I use as a battery charger for motorcycle at home.

Prepare two types of transistors with NPN transistor TIP31C this type functions as a trigger to generate the AC signal on the transformer.
Resistor 15 Ohm 2 pieces as a driver transistor that trasnsitor work and taste as conductor signal cable. Please see picture below how to make the process of assembling the inverter circuited:

got here first discussion this time I made a simple inverter of this inverter can be used to turn the 5-watt fluorescent bulb luck good luck ....

(Caution what if you want to try to use the same components as shown in the schematic above. Transistors, resistors, and also the transformer is not the same as the picture number two what if you want to try to use the same components with the picture number two schemes of the type resistors, as well transsitor and transformer bigger order bigger power)

until here before I can share with you all, wherever located, may be useful for you and also for everyone. forward to the next article more interesting only in this simple blog web



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