In the Republican dialogue, Here’s What to appear The Republican presidential

S P C : The Republican presidential candidates bully off weekday night at eight, simply days before the New Hampshire primary, that might any slender the sector. we tend to asked ny Times political reporters what they'd be probing for within the dialogue (and here’s the way to watch).

In the Republican dialogue, Here’s What to appear The Republican presidential

Having lost the Iowa caucuses when months of predicting a win there, Donald J. Trump can be the story of the night. can he look and sound tense, cautious, perhaps even slightly afraid as he faces the likelihood of succeeding defeats in Iowa and New Hampshire that will extremely build him a loser? Or, win or lose, can he keep swinging just like the usual outrageous Trump his supporters love? — patron saint Healy

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How can Marco Rubio foot-dragging as he bears the force of his rivals’ attacks? 1st Mr. Trump was the first focus of his rivals. Then it had been Teddy boy Cruz. currently it looks inevitable that Mr. Rubio can function the well-liked dialogue punching bag. His ability to weather the onslaught can supply insights regarding his strengths as a candidate and whether or not he has the bravery to survive once the sector narrows. — dessert apple Martin

Mr. Bush’s high surrogates, like legislator Lindsey Graham, have aforementioned he desires a stronger showing in New Hampshire than his fellow American, Mr. Rubio, or “Jeb is toast,” in Mr. Graham’s words. I’ll be probing for Mr. Bush to travel on the offensive against Mr. Rubio rather than his usual target, Mr. Trump, early and infrequently. — Nick Corasaniti

Mr. Trump desires a powerful performance when skipping the last dialogue and so springing up short within the Iowa caucuses. I’ll be looking not solely however sharply he goes when Mr. Rubio and Mr. Cruz, however additionally what line of attack he chooses. one in all his new advisers criticized Mr. Rubio on immigration in recent days, that can be a helpful path back. But Mr. Trump has to be conscious of not returning off as too hot. — Maggie Haberman

For days, Mr. Cruz has taunted Mr. Trump as a “fragile soul,” scared of the controversy stage he avoided last week. currently that Mr. Trump is ready to come back, Mr. Cruz may need his sights set elsewhere anyway. whereas the Texas legislator is probably going to tweak Mr. Trump masses, his a lot of pressing concern is also the increase of Mr. Rubio when a powerful Iowa end. Expect the heaviest hearth from Mr. Cruz to be directed his method. — Matt Flegenheimer

How is that this dialogue completely different from all the opposite debates? The Rubio-Trump dynamic. Until now, Mr. Trump has usually taken aim at Mr. Bush, Mr. Cruz or Rand Paul, UN agency left the race on. We’ve ne'er seen a true encounter between him and Mr. Rubio. however with Mr. Rubio rising in state polls when a powerful showing in Iowa, will Mr. Trump take off powerfully when the FL legislator, UN agency is currently his nighest rival? Technically, there ought to be very little incentive for Mr. Trump to focus on Mr. Rubio, since they're not chasing several of constant voters. however that ne'er stopped Mr. Trump before. — Nicholas Confessore

Mr. Bush recently aforementioned Mr. Trump is like “a very little teddy bear” on the controversy stage. I’m curious to envision simply however genial the exchanges between 2 men are (my guess isn't very) — and the way Mr. Bush can perform currently that the blustery wealthy person is back onstage when skipping the last dialogue. — Ashley Parker

I’ll be looking to envision if mount Carson goes when Mr. Cruz for spreading rumors the night of the Iowa caucuses that Mr. Carson would be suspending his campaign. He has been uncharacteristically aggressive on the problem, ANd it'll be fascinating to envision if he demands an apology face to face. — Alan Rappeport

How massive and mussy can the inevitable pile-on of Mr. Rubio be, {and how|and the method} can he respond? He has struggled in some debates once things didn’t go his way — just like the time he had to defend his support of immigration legislation when Fox moderators showed a paste-up of his shifting positions over the years. And there have been times he got the most effective of his antagonists — flipping the script on Mr. Bush as he tried to hit him for missing votes within the Senate. that Marco Rubio shows up tonight might confirm plenty regarding his upward-moving campaign. — Jeremy W. Peters

At a campaign event on Monday, Gov. Chris writer of recent Jersey recommended that New Hampshire voters would sharply slender the sector next week. within the spirit of the Super Bowl, this dialogue ought to feature the intensity of a extra time overtime. — Steve Eder

Despite ample proof suggesting otherwise, Mr. writer insisted on that he and Mr. Rubio were the highest 2 contenders in New Hampshire. I’ll be looking to envision however Mr. writer uses his last massive chance to form an effect before Tuesday’s primary, since he looks to possess light here recently, and his campaign hinges on his performance within the state. And when he derided Mr. Rubio as “the boy within the bubble,” I’ll be looking to envision if he unleashes the other artistic insults. — Thomas Kaplan
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