Katie May’s Final Hours Revealed: however Family & Friends same Their Last Goodbyes

S P C E.com: Snapchat model Katie might tragically lost her life on Feb. four when suffering a huge stroke, and HollywoodLife.com seen in AN EXCLUSIVE interview together with her sisters however her white-haired ones gathered round her single bed to mention their final goodbyes before her life support machine was changed. Click here for the complete details.

Katie May

This is with great care grievous. Snapchat sensation Katie might, 34, kicked the bucket on Feb. four when stricken by a severe stroke simply many days before, and HollywoodLife.com has solely learned from her sisters, Jenny and Megan might, that her shut friends and family paid their final respects by her side before the tough call to show off her life support machine was created.

Since her overtime, fans have poured their emotions onto social media and paid tribute to the gorgeous photographer's model. Her quality was testament to what number friends came to the LA hospital to mention bye as she was being unbroken alive on life support, Katie’s sisters told HollywoodLife.com in AN EXCLUSIVE interview.

“Her friends were all round her within the hospital to mention their goodbyes,” the sisters solely unconcealed. “They represented her because the relief they ever had, ANd only for somewhat 5-foot-1 and 5-foot-2 she was an absolute powerhouse.”

So sad. As HollywoodLife.com antecedently told you, Katie’s sisters Saturday down with North American nation to debate their very little sister’s final days. “She wasn’t feeling well on Monday (Feb. 1)” they explained. “She visited the ER, and it originally was a neck pain. From what we’ve learned since, it absolutely was a huge stroke.”

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So far, a reason for death hasn’t been determined and reports of a fall at a photoshoot haven’t been confirmed. however her condition got worse over time. “On Tuesday, she became non-responsive. we tend to got resolute LA on Wednesday and discovered she was being unbroken alive by machines,” Megan and Jenny told HollywoodLife.com solely.

Then they got the terrible news that Katie was dead. That’s once they had to form the foremost tough call of their lives. “They (doctors) needed to attend. Our family was very shut. She was our baby, she was the youngest of four, she was my baby doll,” Jenny told HollywoodLife.com. She continued , “We love her dearly, thus we tend to were all round her after we took her off the life support on Th.”

HollywoodLifers, area unit you upset by the sudden  passing of Katie? She was, after all, the queen of Snapchat. Share your best thoughts within the comments below.
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