How to fix a dead LCD TV using LED lamps 5 watt

S P C Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings! Hello friend how are you creative creative friends all ? Have you ever experienced your LCD TV off (dark)? while the sound of the TV is not dead, if the LCD monitor illuminated with a flashlight then no shadows - shadows. If such means that the light contained within the LCD is dead.

How to fix a dead LCD TV using LED lamps 5 watt

Hence, the image becomes darker, while her voice is still there. When illuminated with a flashlight it will show the picture. Well, in this occasion will saifulcomelektronik little review and share to you all How to fix a dead LCD TV using LED lamps 5 watt.

Look at the picture below, the previous LCD TV picture is dark due to the lights in the LCD is dead and I replace with 5 watt LED lamps, which are widely sold in the market. Finally my LCD TV is still biased in use again, as shown below.

The cause of death of the lamp in the LCD at result, high tension LCD inverter generator is already dead and can no longer be repaired because, the components in the inverter can be difficult, as a result of high tension inverter generator can no longer be repaired.

Well, and vice versa high tension inverter generator is still good, but the lights in the LCD is dead. The solution is to be replaced in the LCD lights with new lights, length and type should be the same as the LCD is dead.

Furthermore, if the inverter tension high and the lights in the LCD is still good, but why is there no picture on the LCD itself? case like this? means the LCD TV has been damaged it can not be repaired anymore.

But if the lights are off and inverter, the LCD TV can still be repaired by the way, replacing the lamp in the LCD with a new lamp. But in this article I replace the LCD backlight with 5 watt LED lamp.

Want to know how? Please you follow the tips below to replace the LCD backlight using the LED light 5 watt.

Replacing the Lamp LCD with LED 5 Watt

How to replace LCD with LED lights is quite simple and easy, which must be prepared are materials - materials and tools and components - components. In order for LCD TVs is still usual in use again.

1. Prepare a 5 Watt LED Lamp
2. Screwdriver
3. Solder Electric and UAP
4. Lead
5. Cable

Well, for more details please see the video on this take, how to replace the LCD lights were already dead, using a five-watt bulbs.

Well, easy is not it? how to replace the loyal readers S P C Similarly, hopefully first articles and videos that exist on discussion How to fix a dead LCD TV uses 5 watt LED lamp is useful for you and for everyone else. Regards, ...


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