How to make ABC Battery Charger AA 1.5 Volt: 4 PCS simple

S P C Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings! Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night create loyal readers wherever they are, on this occasion I am trying to share (Share) to you all about how to make a battery charger ABC 1.5 Volt AA: 4 PCS simple, of course how to make a battery charger ABC is very simple and easy, materials and components is also quite simple, a lot of selling in the market. Once assembled it will become a tool that is becoming ABC Battery Charger AA 1.5 Volt.

How to make ABC Battery Charger AA 1.5 Volt: 4 PCS simple

What if you want to make this simple charger, then my advice, there are some components that you are required to prepare then read this article complete,...

Well, the ingredients we need and should we provide to make this simple charger tool, in order to become a tool for battery charger known as the ABC or batteries (AA). Well, of course, this charger tool can help, what if our house has a lot of variety - different types of electronic toys, all toys electronic devices that use AA batteries as a power source her energy.

Surely this could help tool charger for charging the AA batteries. What if the AA battery power has run out. Well, then this simple charger tool is an alternative to save money from the wallet to buy a AA battery every day, as the needs of electronics battery itself.

Material And component

What if you want to make 1.5 volt AA battery charger is simple, then the materials and components needed are as follows:

1. Transformers OT (Output DC 7 volts)
2. Two diode IN1448 or similar can also be provided that the diode
3. 4 Fruit with resistance 15 Ohm resistor
4. 4 LED Fruit (as an indicator)
5. Board PCB
6. Plates of zinc
7. Spring
8. Box plastic

After all materials and components already exist or has been set, it is now process assembly to all points of materials and components. Well, for the output transformer OT Output DC about 7 volts, why? because this charger for charging 4 AA batteries once all, can also charge the 1 AA battery.


For the assembly process easy and simple just follow the chart below that I had prepared.

How to make ABC Battery Charger AA 1.5 Volt: 4 PCS simple

Well, easy is not the way to make this simple charger? for printing onto the PCB, please your own the creation as neat as possible. According to your own will and design.

Up here before I can Share to you all, about How to make ABC Battery Charger AA 1.5 Volt: 4 PCS simple, especially loyal readers, presumably what I Share this in my web blog this simple, can be understood and also useful for you and beneficial for everyone. I pronounce not forget to also thank you for visiting my web blog is simple and well tuned for the next article more interesting only in Good luck,……


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