The Story of a Wife Can Make Her husband Crazy For him - reason Extremely Shocking!

S P C : A father told his daughter, one day an old woman interviewed by a presenter on a show about the secret of happiness never end. The story of a wife who could make him crazy about her ..

Is it because he is a good cook? Or because she pretty? Or because she could give birth to many children, or because of what?
The woman replied:

"Surely the secret happiness husband and wife are in the hands of his wife, of course, after getting taufik of God. A wife is able to make his house like heaven, is also capable of making hell.

Do you say for treasure! For how many wealthy wife, but he damaged thereby, and the husband Do not leave anyway you say because kids! Are not many wives who were able to give birth to many children up to ten but the husband did not love her, perhaps even to divorce ,

And how many wives cook. Among them were able to cook up all day but although he often complained about the bad behavior of her husband. "
So the presenter was amazed,

soon he say: "So whether its secret # ..?"
The woman replied:

"When my husband was angry and explosive, immediately I was silent with respect to him. I have subjected my head with a sense of forgiveness. But do you silence that accompanied the taunt view, because a very smart man to understand that. "

"Why do not you just get out of the room ..?" Said presenter.

The woman immediately replied:

"Do you do it! Because your husband will think that you are running and not willing to listen. You have to shut up and accept everything she was saying until she calms down.

After he calmed down, I told him; 'Is it done?'
Furthermore, I'm out ....

For he must be tired and needed a break after removing his temper explosions.
I went out and resume my homework. "

"What are you doing? Do you stay away from him and did not speak to her for a week or more? "Asked the presenter curious.

The woman was advised: "You do not do that, because it's a bad habit. It was a weapon that could backfire for you. When you're a week away from him he wanted to apologize to you, then get rid of it will make it back angry.

Maybe he will be much more angry than before. "

"Then what are you doing ..?" Asked the presenter continues to pursue.

The woman replied:

"After two hours or so, I brought him a glass of fruit juice or a cup of coffee, and I told him, please drink. I knew he would need such things, then I speak to him like nothing had happened before. "

"Are you angry with him ..?" Said presenter to face in amazement.

# The woman said:

"No ... And that's when my husband started apologizing to me and he said in a soft voice."

"And you believe him ..?" Said the presenter.

The woman replied:

"Yes. Certainly. Because I believe in myself and I'm not a fool. Do you want me to believe it when he was angry and did not believe him when he is calm ..? "" And what about your pride? "Interrupted the presenter.

"My pride is in my husband's approval and at peace a our relationship. And in reality between husband # # wife had no such thing as self-esteem. Esteem what else ..? !!
Whereas in front of your husband, you have remove all your clothes! "

Source Author : Ustadz Ahmad Fairuz


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