Camera review Brica B-5 Alpha Pro Edition Full HD action cam

S P C : Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings ! good morning to all of them on this occasion will try to review camera review camera Brica B-5 Alpha Pro Edition Full HD action cam, this camera is suitable for use by journalists. Recording with the camera action is still a trend in keeping the country, including our country, namely Indonesia.

Camera review Brica B-5 Alpha Pro Edition Full HD action cam

There are still many players other products that offers action camera, such as Canon, HTC and also Brica this product. B-pro 5 Alpha Edition is one of the special action camera than the standard version. With dimensions proportional serving a camera is right for you and your travel companion is perfect for a journalist.

Physically from Brica B-pro cameras have no differences with the product other pro, this camera is encased in a special protective for record who want to record video under the water surface or in the water.

Because this camera is coated with rubber semiconducting material doff black rubber. Next to the lens you can see a button on / off power, while at the top of the key wifi, wifi function is to be connected with other gadgets camera. If you press the button quickly wifi or less than 1 second long useful for shooting when operate. All moments or object will be projected on the lens automatically, and will also move to other gadgets such as smartphones or the other.

B-Pro 5 Alpha Edition is capable of recording with the quality of 720 and 1080 (Full HD) record with a speed of 1280 x 720 can be recorded at 30 FPS to 60 FPS. What if recording with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 can record at 30 FPS only.

With the support of the recording on the camera's action, with while the MOV format to take pictures with JPEG format only. The advantages of this camera is that you can record in two ways: by connecting the camera with HD CAM ISPO application for iOS and android or with a live recording. But it is unfortunate that the application made by a third party instead of the default camera this Brica. So its very limited.

Battery life can last up to 2 hours at the time of recording. If livestream make use of the way to survive in a state of recording video for 90 only. Camera Brica B-Pro Alpha Edition now provides the complete package as shown below:

Camera review Brica B-5 Alpha Pro Edition Full HD action cam

Well, this is the lack of camera has no internal memory for storing video either photo. The solution you have to use a micro SD memory with a storage capacity of 32 max.

Camera Brica B-Pro Alpha Edition is in with a price range of about just under 2 million, compared with a camera other products. The camera is ready to accompany your journey with video recording you want.

Well, up here before I can review this time on camera Brica B-5 Alpha Pro Edition Full HD action cam. May be useful for you, both also beneficial for all the people who read my blog on the web simple. Look forward to the next review is also not less interesting than this article only in


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