Changing radio wokmen or small type become mini FM transmitter frequency of 106 Mhz

S P C : Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings ! How are you ? What reportedly loyal readers, in this Ramadan would companions were all healthy and fast reader remains smooth. Well, as for that I will discuss in the occasion is Changing radio wokmen become mini FM transmitter working frequency of 106 Mhz curious about how to change it? please refer to this article in full.

Changing radio wokmen or small type become mini FM transmitter frequency of 106 Mhz

Pictured above is a radio wokment that I change into a mini FM transmitter to 106.0 MHz operating frequency. the actual frequency of these mini transmitters, can be changed by simply turning the VARCO on the radio, the operating frequency will change. But what I want to wear in any occasion 106.0 MHz, why? because, the frequency is in the middle - the middle.

How to change this wokment radio is a radio transmitter, first I just try - just try it and eventually could become MINI FM transmitter. What we should modifications to the radio wokment not much and not too complicated, just add se-end transmitter antenna cable and audio input cables. Note the picture below.

Changing radio wokmen or small type become mini FM transmitter frequency of 106 Mhz

How to get the transmitter frequency to be, first of all that should be done is turn the radio wokment VARCO on to the middle - amid wokment radio frequency. then grab the receiver and turn on the radio, and press the automatic search button on the radio receiver.

thereafter, observed in the frequency of the radio receiver Which stops. Look at the picture above the frequency of the received radio is 106.10 (106.0) MHz.

If you've got a frequency, the new download for antenna cables and then trying to paste one by one to the IC moderator, if the noise is gone on a radio receiver, means that the pin is the transmitter antenna.

And to get the audio input source, the same way as the above paste the audio cables to music and songs heard on the radio receiver from the audio input source. For example, the audio source from HP songs will sound too ROCK rock song on the radio receiver. as shown above, what if've heard what we play at HP in the HP radio receiver, means you've managed to change the wokment radio transmitter so MINI.

Changing radio wokmen or small type become mini FM transmitter frequency of 106 Mhz

Well, to be more complete I have prepared the following video about the radio Changing wokmen become mini FM transmitter frequency of 106 Mhz, congratulations watch. Presumably with the video below, can be understood easily change his ways.

Similarly, first can I sharing this occasion wokmen way radio Changing into a mini FM transmitter frequency of 106 Mhz, hopefully what I sharing through this article can be useful for you and beneficial also for the people. Well, look forward to the next tips and tricks that are not less interesting.


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