Culinary Menu cuisine Snacks lepat BANANA typical of Gayo Lues, Aceh

S P C lepat BANANA - Snacks are processed flour mixture sweets and other foods that are made as a snack from the Gayo, once he's made as a snack food in the native farmers in Gayo as equip them for all fields or fields because the same content with the content carbohydrate carbohydrates on rice we consume daily - day, Yang generating power source and gives a feeling of fullness in the stomach.

Not only this snack food as well as typical for the traditional celebration or commemoration big day religion, such as the feast Eid Al-Fitr, the Birth, Wedding Parties, as well as circumcision party. lepat this fits in with the meal in the company of a glass of hot tea or a cup of coffee in the afternoon it will be more warm create an atmosphere especially if presented to the people we care about and certainly more healthy hygiene also free of material preservation, formalin, borax and other chemicals.

Curious? This time I lay in my article how to make it easy - I hope useful for you especially for the mother - a housewife. The following materials - the ingredients below:

Its fabric "Lepat Bananas"
  1. 1 banana Chicken Comb sufficient maturity
  2. Banana leaves for wrapping
  3. ½ kilo flour bread
  4. ¼ grated coconut
  5. 1 Ons candied
  6. salt sufficiently
  7. 1 packet of vanilla

Shredded banana leaves into a rectangle with a span the breadth of a finger. the next step is to make a dough that is, Squeeze banana earlier with flour, then add salt, vanilla, coconut, candied stir to flat and into a dough that can be a bit on the form, if the dough still bit mushy still can mix or in add flour a little - a little. When the dough has been able in the shape of the dough then wrap with banana leaves one by one until the end. Then enter into the pot steaming, steamed approximately 15 to 20 minutes after being cooked drained and ready to serve. lepat can be stored up to 3 days or more.
Author: Hermayani

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