Experiment Creating a Simple Flashlight Without Using Batteries For its power supply

S P C Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings, Hello loyal readers everything !!! Especially for loyal readers Across the archipelago and the world, if there anyway :-), Good readers on this occasion I will share a few tips and tricks that make the flashlight without batteries ? Curious You Can Make Flashlight Without Batteries ? Note the Figure below and make sure you also read this article until the end so that you can make at home.

Experiment Creating a Simple Flashlight Without Using Batteries For its power supply

The picture above is a picture of the flashlight without batteries ready my own, simple shape and easy to use. Flashlight without batteries toy fan is initially only manually child - a child, I think and believe that you've seen the fan tool toy the child.

You're curious as to what the earliest forms of child toy fan before I made into a flashlight without battery ? a simple shape like a fan with a diameter of course, and certainly not heavy weight, Well confused right ? hehehe, both of the rambling I show pictures of toys fan before I modified it into a flashlight without battery ,follows below.

Experiment Creating a Simple Flashlight Without Using Batteries For its power supply

Well, after I show the picture, It's them know what kind of toys that my original fan modified into a flashlight without battery you see in the first picture and the picture I hold this is the original image of the toy fan? Well, then further process in order for this fan into a flashlight without battery the materials we use or we add the following below.

Components and Materials for Flashlight Without battery
  1. Fans Watch Manual
  2. Former Dynamo DVD 3 Volt
  3. Super bright LED
  4. Gears socket dynamo
  5. Provide Cables and Tang
For more details, I've got a picture of the components and materials makes this flashlight without batteries look at the picture below:

Experiment Creating a Simple Flashlight Without Using Batteries For its power supply
  • Toys for fans - I already show the picture in picture number two I hold in the picture, to get the fan in the drawing toy that is certainly a lot of selling in the market with a price range of USD 2,5
  • Dynamo 3 Volt - for me to wear dynamo dynamo ex-DVD player, if you want to make this flashlight without batteries you can buy the dynamo to an electronics store or you are looking for DVD damaged then grab a mechanical armature of the DVD.
  • LED Super Light - Led I used in the experiment makes this flashlight without battery which led super bright LED flashlight traces of broken.
  • Dynamo socket Gears - Gears this jack only serves as a fitting shaft dynamo with the fan shaft.

Assembly process or the process of creating a flashlight without battery

Having to 4 points above have full time manufacturing process or processes that the fan manually assemble into a flashlight without battery, but in the process of assembling certainly requires a lot of pictures with the image readers easy to understand. To make the process flashlight without battery I have prepared a short video follows below:


Loyal readers S P C first Thereby can I share in this opportunity of making a flashlight without battery, hopefully this article can be useful for you and beneficial also for everyone. Stay tuned for the next article also more interesting only in


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