Free energy magnet motor, from a former mechanic DVD Computer

S P C March 24, 2016 Update - Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings - loyal readers for everything good afternoon, this time I will discuss and share for you, about the free energy magnet motor of a mechanical energy source DVD second hand computer. As the figure below the results of the experiment I did myself.

Free energy magnet motor, from a former mechanic DVD Computer

Well, first I try - try experiments this time and finally be a free energy generator tool like the picture above, the energy source of the mechanical pieces of used computer DVD rum, can stir FUN two computers and one LED lights. My hope is - hopefully the future will develop further so that more cool again. At the reception he's a friend - a friend next simple experiment J.

What if you want I did try this at home please wrote, because the material is quite simple and easy to be around your area in your local electronics stores. Components - components that are needed include:
  1. Two Fun computer
  2. 10000 micro farad capacitors 80 V
  3. Kiprok diodes (diode 4 feet)
  4. Semi 0:33 farad capacitor Micro
  5. Copper wire
  6. Ferit
  7. enough cable
  8. Former mechanic DVD Computer
Eight (8) points above the soldering process is now complete for the components that connect one with the other. Note the scheme below:

Free energy magnet motor, from a former mechanic DVD Computer
  • Pin LED / FUN positive Positive pin plug to 10000 nf capacitors, as well as LED pin negative to negative pin capacitor nf 10000
  • Capacitors connect the positive pin to pin diode kiprok positive and negative pin capacitor to the negative pin diode kiprok
  • Pin diode plug it into an AC 1 Ferit winding, winding pin capacitor Ferit positive to 0:33 nf
  • 2 AC pin diode kiprok connect to negative capacitor pin
  • And lastly connect the capacitor positive pin to pin 1 dynamo mechanic DVD, connect the capacitor negative pin to pin 2 of the computer mechanics DVD

After all linked images above scheme correctly, pull and push the mechanical computer DVD, LED / FUN will move rotate and the LED lights up. Click Play color red to see the video. Good luck,….

This only can I share (sharing) about Free energy magnet motor, from a former mechanic DVD Computers, may helpful friend - a friend, and helpful also for everyone. There is also I say thinks you for visiting my website simple. And also look forward to the next article more interesting only in


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