How to Become a Computer Changing Radio Broadcasters Using FM Modulator

S P C : Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings, Hello loyal readers, Well, on this occasion I will try to share Fewer create loyal readers s p c How to Change Computers Become Radio Broadcasters Using FM Modulator. How to Make? Surely you are curious as to what the broadcaster radio? Here below is a picture as the FM Modulator or transmitter transmits audio from our computer later.

How to Become a Computer Changing Radio Broadcasters Using FM Modulator

Changing Computers Become Radio Broadcasters very easy but I mean in this article that is moving or transferring audio sound that produced computer wirelessly using radio waves are FM radio waves to the radio receiver or a radio receiver as there is in radio smartphones or phones that we have , so that the computer can become namely Radio Broadcasters.

Ease in make computers into a radio broadcaster is that we can listen to audio from the remote computer must listen to her using radio receiver or receivers phones that we have, so we casually listen to our favorite songs from the computer without having to sit in front of computer.

By using this method we can do other work while listening to music on the computer of our own. Well, you're wondering how to change the computer into Radio Broadcasters? Here below is how and materials - materials that should be at the ready.

Component - Component In Need For Radio Broadcasters
  1. FM Modulator
  2. Two Fruit capacitors 4.7 micro
  3. Lead and Electric Soldering
  4. Audio Cable
  5. USB Cable
How to Become a Computer Changing Radio Broadcasters Using FM Modulator

For points 1 FM Modulator Many are sold in the market, usually the tool is in use in a car that no MP3nya player or music player that is long, so the modulator tool is in use as an MP3 player via radio waves.

Assembling process

  • Well, after all the components needed are complete then it's time to do process assembly of all components. Note the picture below is a modulator that have completed my modifications:

How to Become a Computer Changing Radio Broadcasters Using FM Modulator
  • The most important thing in this assembly is a modulator, picture above is an image modulator that I have added two capacitors as R and L audio input to the modulator. Well, to find audio input on moderator accuracy and need a little bit of reading incantations J, then do not put any time to any audio input into the FM modulator, if one must sound audio from a computer can not be radiated to the radio receiver.

To find audio input, namely by:
  1. Turn on the FM Modulator and Radio Receivers
  2. Adjust Frequency Modulator with that of the radio receiver
  3. If the frequency of which is derived has been the same then please you touch each one with your hands on each foot IC FM Modulator itself, if at the time touched there was a dam (drone) in speaker radio receivers like the amplifier at the time at the touch Input audio, it can be be sure it is the audio input to the modulator.
  4. Mark the IC legs
  5. After getting the audio input, the thing to remember is not to be directly soldering foot audio cable to the input IC, must first be given the alias jumpers bridge, her bridge are capacitors, More details see the picture above.
How to Become a Computer Changing Radio Broadcasters Using FM Modulator
  • For USB cable and usually in the USB cable of the 4 pieces of cables, but that we use in the experiment is only 2 pieces of wires only is cable + - (plus and minus) Do we use, the cable that the two functions as a resource for FM Modulator itself. For cables transmit in these USB disposed alias is not in use.

Process Testing

Once the assembly process is complete it's time we did the testing process way is very easy alias easy, the first cable plugs Audio and also USB cable to a computer on each socket that is on the computer, after which if it is lived light modulator turn on the radio also your receivers or radio receivers you have. Example : radios on your cell phone or smartphone, then adjust or equate frequency.

How to Become a Computer Changing Radio Broadcasters Using FM Modulator

After that please turn any song or playlist on your computer then the voice of the computer will move or you can listen to on your own radio phone and your mobile phone you can make as a replacement computer headphones you without you having to buy expensive headphones - expensive.

Easy is not how to make it? Good luck loyal readers of this only can I share in this opportunity for you loyal readers and hopefully this short article useful for you and for the reader everything.


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