How to make a simple motorcycle battery charger to the two

S P C : How to make a battery charger is easy, to the need to overcome a motorcycle battery battery current is often weak or overdrawn. Read also: How Using the measuring instrument multitester CD800a

How to make a simple motorcycle battery charger to the two

Actually I have posted previously about making a simple 12-volt battery charger for the needs or to address the current battery overdrawn. Well this time I post again how to make a battery charger, but even more are using the 5 ampere transformer. Quote Of course we use big her ampere transformer will accelerate the process of charging the battery current from the transformer is small her ampere. 

The materials used to make a battery charger in the form :
  1. Transformers
  2. Diode 4 feet (kiprok) 6 amperes greater nicer her ampere 
  3. Brace battery to battery
  4. Cables to taste
Well, to four points above are complete, meaning we stayed assemble in order to be a simple battery charger.

The process of assembling make the charger :

Uniquely in this second article I created, is located on the transformer that I use is the transformer which is often called the donut transformer in the market, why the call transformer donuts? because its shape like a donut, function tantamount to a transformer in the form of bread or regular transformer. But currents that produced the transformer is more pure than bread transformer (ordinary transformer).

Uniquely located on the transformer donuts here I'll review a little. Donuts transformer that I used previously not possessed by 12 volt output there is only the highest of 23 volts and the lowest 4.5 volts. 

If we use the 23 volts as the battery charger will certainly damage the accumulator batteries, because beyond voltage of battery and if use 4.5 volt batteries will result in the charging process long enough.

Well, here I will modify it slightly, namely the transformer donuts, in because output  no 12 volt AC. I will make output 12 volt, see in the image on the results of the turns that I made.

How his modifications quite simple and easy that is wrapped around other cables to the transformer until it gets a voltage of 12 volts. see picture on the result of the convolution of my own, and the cable is a cable that I use often used in home electrical installations namely YM wires, with a diameter of 1.5, the length of the cable that I use to generate ± 12 volts is approximately 7 meters.

Okay pal co - all readers and friends of bloggers everywhere to the assembly process please visit or visit my youtube video also previously to obtain maximal video. or you can see the video below:

Up here before I can sharing for you on how to How to make simple motorcycle battery charger to two in 2015 hopefully this review helpful for you and also for everyone. Do not forget to forward the article more interesting. do not forget to say anyway I thank you for visiting my web blog this simple


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