Make a simple passive audio crossover to the speakers of the way, without a power source

S P C We know that the speaker is a loudspeaker, but do you know in the speaker box contained an electronic circuit known as a passive crossover, Well such a device inside the speaker box serves as a separator (filter) so that the speaker be more stable and do not intermingle.

Make a simple passive audio crossover to the speakers of the way, without a power source

The picture above is a simple 1 Way Crossover my own homemade Admin SPC ( PCB I use PCBs that have been holed so easily be used to put the components - components for air-experiment J. course for those of you who want to assemble a crossover one way does not hurt to be tried and if you want to use PCB that I use on a picture you can afford it, because a lot of selling in the market.

Crossover System Type

Crossover there are two types, the first type is a passive crossover and the second is the type of crossover Active, passive crossovers often used in the speaker box, to separate high frequency and low frequency. active crossover often used in tool sound system.

Passive Crossover System

Passive crossover serves as a separator (filter) sound without the need for a source of electric current, is generally placed in a speaker box made of L and C series is winding copper wire and an electronic component that Elco / capacitor.

Active Crossover System

Active Crossover in the form of an electronic circuit that requires voltage electrical currents that shaped filter circuits, while the circuit is R (resistor) and C (condenser) and semiconductors such as IC or transistor could. In this case there is some crossover system, system two lines, three lines, four lines.

How to make a simple passive crossover 1 way

Well, in this occasion I would invite you loyal readers SPC, to create a simple 1 way passive crossover, of course, the article Creating a simple passive audio crossover to the speakers of the way, without a power source, I offer to readers hobby in terms of learning electronics.

To make it, I had prepared Under this scheme one way crossover circuit, which is where the original results you can see in figure 1 above and below the image of the scheme, this crossover has also been my test, the results are pretty good and durable. if you want to wire you just follow the path that I made in the scheme below:

Make a simple passive audio crossover to the speakers of the way, without a power source

S P C loyal readers below also I have prepared a short video, when I assemble Passive Crossover 1 Way to the passive crossover testing phase, following the following video:

Good Companions loyal readers S P C first article such as this one, hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for you all, especially for loyal readers wherever they are


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