10 Video mode The Many view or spectators and Breeds Money On Youtube

S P C Step yielded money from youtube? Video what type most widely produced money on youtube? Millions of videos uploaded to YouTube daily, millions of viewers also come one after exchanging visiting youtube page, can not deny that YouTube is a video sharing the world's largest file.

The website which was founded by Steve Chen coincided with two colleagues Chad Hurley And Jawed Karim had managed to dominate the future site of a multimedia website, after subsequently bought by Google with the value price of US $ 1, 65 billion in November 2006. As well as the official start since this time operate and thus a subsidiary of Google. Inc.

10 Video mode The Many view or spectators and Breeds Money On Youtube

Very many types of video that can be obtained on Youtube, the site is fit for you who are looking for information, news and entertainment shaped Video Plugin for the lazy to read the article.

Youtube is one among the sources of information that you can enjoy without us necessarily tired tired of reading, just sit, prepare snacks and prepared in front of your desktop monitor.

Type Video The Many Breeds Money
What is certain applicants or viewers and admirers who came to youtube most (usually) come see the video for entertainment, the master once when searching for news would feel less up-date. Because the youtube video is uploaded recordings.

Yet many also see a news story on youtube, because at the time as well as the confiscation of work, so it can not follow the news in a way immediately. So youtube can make an alternative, because many existing news videos on youtube

Among the millions of videos on youtube what about the most requested by the audience? What is the most crowded deemed audience? What is the most favorite video? It is a major advance for some YouTuber who use youtube as a medium to earn money from the internet.

To know the trending theme is again busy in talking about, this kind of thing is very likely to obtain a growing number of viewers. When you can say some youtuber slogan is "The audience a lot of money a lot"

From so many videos on youtube follows that much sought after by some viewers even so favorite videos are flooded by viewers, to produce money for uploader.

1. Video Music
Type the video was ranked first in the number of audience rating youtube, type of video entertainment that stood the test of time. Every time there is a new course, do not do not often too many artists and singers flock register and claims copyright royalties. Call it VEVO, there are also many singers who are on VEVO.

2. Video movie or movie
Why today is not often encountered cinema? Even though at the time the first widely scattered small theaters in major cities, as well as well as a small town. So bright that the interest of viewers have switched to youtube, moments before the hectic period VCD ever more dominated the last one year. Absolutely, youtube already led some viewers to enjoy a movie or a movie quite at home alone.

3. Video cute or Funny video
Entertainment in the serve sometimes simple, but plan to entertain the most important person. People can take a look exhausted with things that are funny, not often can not also treat stress though only briefly. Type a video that has the number of audience rating is high enough, as an example of successful young Indonesian youtuber BAYU SKAK.

4. Video sport or sport
The number of viewers of the video types including also quite high, some people never see release soon sport because of problems of their own time alone. In europe and america type location video challenging sports are preferred, many are also some youtuber from there vying race making videos like that.

5. Video about game
It is no longer so common when the game talks to enjoy doing the whole group, whether young or middle age. Concerning video games as well as many tips on uploading some gamers. The video was so popular in other groups of gamers.

6. Video news
As I have explained above, a lot of some people who have a lot of time to follow the changes in the news, some of them can only view recorded video only. Generally serve video in which video warmest, about political and criminal events. Nowadays many video inflated number of viewers regarding the Middle East turmoil.

7. Video tutorial
Type the video was preferred by those people who want to learn the way immediately, generally people are getting brighter when immediately see the media as well as the practice immediately. Video tutorial type it is a lot of help for people who are beginners though. Examples of videos that review step video editing and effects, photoshop, learn guitar, tutorial make website (blog), and more.

8. Video content dewas @
Well this one can have its own admirers, it is fact included adults also have a pretty good audience rating. Content type of dance dance er @ tis and its sort of make type of video that many are interested. I can believe or not believe you certainly one of them

9. Video unique. strange and interesting
This video can gain a lot of attention of many viewers, are very much interested to see the video type. Some of the unique and strange things that took place in different parts of the world, many are recorded by means of immediately and upload the video to youtube.

Examples of unique video that UFO sightings were recorded by a camera in a way immediately. When in Indonesia over the siting kuntilanak trend and pocong, and wewe crap .. ghost lime and grapefruit, haha ​​..

10. Video about nature and travel
Well if that one was real opportunities for us to express our beloved country so beautiful, quite a lot of foreign travelers know just from the Indonesian view video alone. No not often moments before planning a vacation, this well to europe, asia, or anywhere, people see reverensi through videos on youtube. Not surprisingly, it has a type of video that is coming from around the world.

Most reverensi another video that supports and many viewed viewers can you look for. As well you can start with the surrounding area. If you do not close a lot of creativity you will have many opportunities to produce videos money from youtube. But you also have to watch your video type that can be uploaded on youtube and do not do not comply with the policies of youtube.

A few types of video that has the potential amount of view the most widely produced and the most money, hopefully give descriptions and inspiration for youtuber to diligently megupload video. As well do not forget your youtube video optimization with the optimal way in order to gain more and more audience.


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