Experiment that failed, replace the servo IC SMD DVD player toshiba

S P C E.com : Coming home from the office, ..... me and sat down at my desk and in front of my desk there is a DVD damaged fruit. The damage only part of servo and her pacifier course, the image display is still normal and also optical reader is also normal DVDs I make sure damage at the her servo alone. The damage the device optical mechanics who do not want to work. Karna ic servo is damaged, .....

Experiment that failed, replace the servo IC SMD DVD player toshiba

I continue to arise initiatives. I'm looking for a DVD that was broken match- there match here finally I get, I try to replace the servo ic I can last with a dvd which would be improved. Problem number listed on the ic I got was with dvd which would be improved in a much different because I have nothing to sell alat2 spare parts specially dvd electronics. I replace just the ic I get from my dvd dig in earlier.

My first preheat steam solder me, because it had to take ic servo using the solder vapors.

curious dear reader what were the results? the result is yes it is .... failed okay !!! Headlines also experiment failed heheheheh. (The saying goes that failure will lead to success) again not no work oprek2 that dvd As an experiment I wrote. just okey my article.

Yes down here there safely watch the video:

after seeing the video above hopefully there benefit for you, and for everyone else, and do not forget to also I say thinks you for visiting this web simple.


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