How to replace the SMD IC audio mixer Ashley PME 82 USB

S P C Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings! loyal readers what is said on this occasion? presumably healthy and successful always and in the protection of Allah swt. Back again I would share some of your loyal readers to ie SMD IC How to change the audio mixer Ashley PME 82 USB damaged.

How to replace the SMD IC audio mixer Ashley PME 82 USB

Presumably what I am for this can be useful for you and for everyone else. Well, I've ever experienced as I wrote in the article that this one, of course, on the web blog just this simple.

Function Audio Mixer

Of course, the functions of an audio mixer is to mix different sound sources eg sound source from microphone and various sound sources from other music instrument is input into the audio mixer. On duty then the mixer to mix the voice into efficiency.

Well, about what I described above with a brief would be understood by the faithful readers the puncture of an audio mixer. What if something is missing, you can add in the comments field that is already available on my web blog simple.

How to replace the SMD IC audio mixer Ashley PME 82 USB. I return to the title of this article, I have a chance mixer channel number 4 broken microphone can not process sound from microphone to speaker output, Why? Karna in result of a single IC (Intergrid Circuit) is not working anymore.

In a mixer professional certainly use that name is so small SMD IC, not the same as the usual mixer, of course, to take the SMD IC on the PCB itself should mixer with special solder is solder the new UAP IC can be taken. what if take it with ordinary solder will only damage the PCB on the mixer.

How to determine IC SMD damaged

How do I know which damaged the SMD IC mixer is quite easy and simple, just by way of 3D alone is, in touch, in overlay, and lick (hehehe kidding).

But the way I just use touch by only with the tip of my finger. Karna in an audio mixer professional exact components - components are all of the SMD resistor, capacitor, and the IC is already SMD transistor all.

To determine the IC SMD damaged sufficiently in touch alone, what if excessive heat means the IC has been damaged in the part that we suspected. As my audio mixer, microphone channel number 4 is not function again, then I check the whole track in the Channel 4.

How are the two to determine IC SMD damaged is by measuring with multitester or commonly known by the name AVO meter. Measure all of the IC which we suspect are damaged by multitester and compare with SMD IC is still good in the mixer that is, what if the value is not the same 'at all, it means that the SMD IC is damaged, replace it with a new solution.

SMD IC equation in audio mixer Ashley USB PME82

How to replace the SMD IC audio mixer Ashley PME 82 USB

The picture above is a picture of my mixer, Ashley mixer the microphone channel 4 can not receive sound from the microphone, because IC SMD damaged. Which I will explain here is equation IC that can be used in this Ashley Mixer.

IC SMD default in this type of mixer PME 82 4558 JRC can be replaced with the type 4558D, and also can be used with type RC4558. Many types IC not equation ? If replaced with two types 4558D and RC4558 also increases good voice. I also do not know why? how come good, .....

And after I replaced the IC SMD the microphone channel number 4 back to normal and function with increasingly subtle and powerful voice, accompanied by light level back to life what when speaking in front of a microphone in the mixer.

With all the indicator lights are already living means audio mixer that I have had a great back and can be reused anywhere.


Well, loyal readers S P C, up here before I can Share this time of SMD IC How to replace the audio mixer Ashley PME 82 USB hopefully what I have sharing helpful for you and also for the other loyal readers. Stay tuned for my next article on electronic repair other electronic-only shared


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