Instant Ways Increase visitors to the blog / web quickly in 2016

S P C - Assalamualaikum wr wb, loyal readers S P C E wherever you are around the world, Especially for beginners who have just pursue the world of web / blogging. below I will present a few tips Instant Ways Increase visitors to the blog / web quickly. A lot of friends - friends ask about ways that blog visitors that they got flooded by readers or visitors to her blogging so uplifting. Indeed, if the visitors a bit on the blog / web that we manage, we become lazy to write articles which we will update your blog / web we got it.

Instant Ways Increase visitors to the blog / web quickly in 2016

Well you do not have to worry about now I will give you that tips you can do to increase visitors to the blog / web newbie or novice. Well, some of the tips that I will give below already I apply on my own blog, namely S P C but some are not or have not I apply. Immediately, you see some tips below and the following:

1. Increase the S E O on your blog (Search Engine Optimization)

Well, S E O is the most effective way to increase visitors to your blog / web's most popular, the search was almost done by the bloggers all. S E O is very important, Karna search engines are the biggest source of traffic blogs in the internet world. Therefore, SEO can be applied to any type of website or blog. That Niche blogs, micro nice, mixed vegetables with the peanut sauce like websites that I have this, there is news, business, personal blog and other blogs.

Why ? Karna S E O it is very important to apply to increase end or the reader on a blog / web that we manage.

Instant Ways Increase visitors to the blog / web quickly in 2016

But actually learn S E O is not a simple and easy due to S E O is always changing from day to day, moment to moment. Of course requires persistence, patience, and the spirit of 45 years who never gave up in order to master SEO. Well, to be able to master SEO does not have to be the master S E O, you are well versed in SEO basic level, like what is essentially an example? follows below:

a. Doing keyword research before making articles
b. Creating Articles in love google
c. Do not break the rules of SEO

2. Promote website / blog via social media

Promotion through social media is a source of tremendous traffic from the search engines second. But do not just promotion, promotion through social media is also a science, not arbitrary origin put web link / blog readers as much as possible directly flooded or end.

1. Active in one media social you have
2. You use social media to do another social
3. Build the reader first, and continued promotion

3. Build blogwalking (commented on another blog)

To increase visitor then commented blog on another blog is the easiest way. Because almost all bloggers would never do this way, including me also do it from the beginning until now.

Instant Ways Increase visitors to the blog / web quickly in 2016

Although this does not directly create many blog visitors. But I think this way is quite important done by the blogger beginner (newbie)

4. You have to care about visitor blog / web

Examples of the matter by the end was replying to comments that comment, reply to emails from the end and share tips - tips through the comments. Although few visitors to your blog, if you care about the visitors is not likely the end of the bit will be the main gateway to thousands of visitors in the future.

5. Write an article on another blog

Writing on the blog / web others is a pretty effective way, serves to capture the reader / end especially if your blog is new. If you write a quality article on another blog that blogs have a lot of visitors. If the content / article you write is of quality and your writing will attract the attention of the readers on the blog. And automated readers will visit your blog is still new. You certainly have got free readers from the blogs of others.

Originally you know, Writing articles on the blogs of others is one of the strategies to get quality backlinks for free of course. As S P C! Well, just information for readers of all. on the website blog S P C ( here you can write your article quality course you will get the readers at the same time also a quality backlink Click HERE

6. Active in the forum - quality forum

Look for forums - a forum that suits your content and active discussed in the forum. Answering a question - any question or make a thread quality and useful for a friend - your friend who is on the forum. One of them you can join in forum S P C on this blog website. Click HERE to join Dan Be the first to join in the forum of this website.

7. Create an attention-grabbing article title

We know that the first one in view end / reader is the title and therefore make the title interesting as possible. If the title of the article we will end boring quickly blurred by itself before it had time to read the article.

Conversely, if we make the title interesting, it will make the readers who previously did not intend to read the articles of our posts, now the reading result we created a title that makes the reader curious and yes finally read it.

8. Create posts that are HOT

Hot in the sense here is to write articles trend at this present moment. To find the topic trend please visit Google Trends

9. Replace PPC Advertising

If you have a lot of money, there is no harm in trying these tips. Karna tips most telling for sure and obviously will increase the end of the blog in an instant lightning are advertising PPC. To create a PPC service you can use Google AdWords Karna in Google Adwords PPC advertising services most current and best in this regard.

Well, hopefully to 9 points above can help you, especially the beginner bloggers to increase visitors to your blog / her web. Hopefully the article Instant Ways Increase visitors to the blog / web quickly in 2015, could be a reference for you. Stay tuned for another article on the blog more interesting to discuss fixed at S P C


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