How to fix LCD Laptop Image Look Broken (Blangbeling)

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In accordance with the above title is how to fix LCD Laptop Image Looks Broken. The shatter screen is colored to green in every image on the monitor, but the image is not broken. For more details you can see the picture below:

Cara memperbaiki LCD Laptop Gambar Terlihat Pecah (Blang beling)

How to fix LCD Laptop Image Look Broken (Blangbeling)

Problems like this are a lot of possible damage. The damage may be problematic on Driver, VGA Chipset, also on Flexible Cable. The cable that goes from the motherboard to the laptop monitor itself.


If the image as above, could have damage to the driver alias laptop driver does not support, proving we can try whether it is from the driver or from other factors, how to stay into the BIOS & see if the screen looks broken or not.

Otherwise the problem is on the LCD or Chipset or also the Motheboard Connector cable (flexible) that leads to the LCD.


Well, then after the above process is passed, the second possibility is damaged LCD. To prove it we have to do a test using a computer monitor. Observe whether it looks normal or still looks broken, if it looks normal then it could be a broken LCD.

But wait a moment do not be too quick to convict the damaged Lcd. we have to do a third test, test the chipset.


The third possibility of damage such as the screen above can also damage the chipset is damaged, but if the second test has been passed and the screen looks normal then the chipset is fine does not damage anything on the chipset.

If the chipset is damaged certainly on the second test also the screen still looks broken as shown in the picture above. The solution chipset must be replaced.

Flexible Cable

Damage to the flexible cable, Well, after we do some tests above but the image is still visible brown-green as the picture above. I can be sure, most likely the damage is on the connecting cable (flexible) from the motherboard to the ticon LCD module.

If we have done some tests above ranging from bios to testing chipset display is still OK. surely the damage is on the flexible cable LCD.

The solution:
Fix or replace the flexible cable.

For the repair process please see the video below; or want to see other videos you can visit Channel HERE


And after repairing the flexible cable or have replaced the cable properly, then the LCD screen back to normal or not broken like the picture above. Look at the picture below after I repaired the flexible cable that is on the laptop.

Cara memperbaiki LCD Laptop Gambar Terlihat Pecah (Blang beling)


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