Make a simple generator free energy of the former dynamo dvd

S P C Assalamualaikum wr wb! Hallo friend - a friend of all how are you today? It seems easy - I hope no less with anything. Saifulcomelektronik loyal readers on this occasion I tried to just share with friends - friends loyal readers about Creating a simple generator free energy of a dynamo dvd former.
Make a simple generator free energy of the former dynamo dvd

Update February 8, 2016 - Well, at this time opportunity, I would go back again for a friend to share all those, especially for loyal readers saifulcomelektronik. and in this occasion too, I would be for or sharing ie about Free Energy generator of former dynamo DVD player. Experiment Obviously I'm doing this is I write a single experiment.

Chronology of Creation Experiment Free Energy

Chronologically this free energy that is originated from fun - fun i messing - tweaking a piece of electronic equipment that is mechanically player dvd player. and after that I then take the dynamo of the former mechanical dvd player in locations where unloading that in my own home SPC, after that I try to play - turning the armature shaft itself, hold me measure with multitester output of the dynamo, it produces electric current at 3 volts.

Why can ? Consider the following pillowcase ....

In my heart I ask? I tried the browser to the internet about it. at that time I was in point to wikipedia website where on the website explained, In the dynamo there are a number of coils and a U-shaped magnet when the dynamo shaft in the play, the automatic coil inside the dynamo participate also rotates.

Well, within the laws of physics movement of the coil in a magnetic field will cause the flow of electricity in the coil itself. However, the electric current character only temporarily during the coil rotates in a magnetic field only.

And what if the spindle stops spinning in a magnetic field, then the flow of electricity will also be stopped. in because no change of flux in the magnetic field coil. But however, the stronger we rotate the shaft of the dynamo, the greater the flow of electricity in the issuing of.

Well, friend reader S P C after the allhamdulillah my browser I get the answer. Then I continue experiment.

Have missed what was on my mind, once answered, I continue experiment then I measure again with multitester there are electrical currents that are at 3 volts of a dynamo that, then the Output dynamo me give you an LED (light emitting diode) and add a few components supporters so that the electric current to be a bit larger and can burn a few minutes, although the dynamo shaft rotation stops.

Components and support tools as well as a series of Free Energy Scheme

1. Diode 4 feet
2. 80,000 nf capacitors 80 Volt
3. Capacitors 250 Volt 22nf
4. The coil windings 17 ferrid
5. Cable taste

Make a simple generator free energy of the former dynamo dvd

The process of assembling the Free Energy

1. Walking diode box there are 4 feet, there is input and there is also output, to connect input (solder) positive and negative pin to pin capacitor to the positive negative foot. Then, from the foot of the capacitor connect positive pin to pin positive negative negative a led. see Figure scheme below how the assembly:

2. Well then subsequently, 2 feet diode connect to output ferrid dynamo through the coil, the coil pins connect to one leg of input diode, after the capacitor 250 volt plug it into a quasi output dynamo certainly need for cables. Prepare the cord, ...

3. Once all the components are connected to the scheme above, then try rotating the shaft of the cross-eyed dynamo dvd LED lights will light up like the picture above.

Video Free Energy

S P C loyal readers I have prepared a tutorial also in terms of free energy is, in the video will display the assembly process until the lights on the LED (light emitting diode). My congratulations remark watch and hopefully articles and videos below in this post can also be beneficial.

oh yeah sharing also do not forget the video below by clicking the arrow in the upper right of the video.

Well, friend reader S P C, so once I can sharing about Make a simple generator free energy from the dynamo dvd former. Hopefully this post helpful benefit for you and also for everyone.

Stay tuned for the next article is also more attractive again only at my website which is simple and do not forget to say I thank you for taking the time to visit and read this one article.


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