Experiment antenna modifications Indovision become commonplace dish antenna, S-Band to C-Band

Assalamu'alaikum wr wb! Hello loyal readers S P C wherever located in the occasion I would be a little Share for you all, special loyal readers this simple website s p c As for who would I Share on this occasion that the experimental antenna modifications Indovision become a regular dish antenna, S-Band Into K-Band, you're curious ??? How can ??,....

The reader, who would I Schering to you actually have a lot share also on the internet, but I'm sure there are still many who do not know and want to know how to modify Antenna Indovision is becoming parabolic antenna exceptional and to a standard receiver, such as receiver I wear branded TENNOX.

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Hope I hope what I'm for (share) This is Experiment antena modifications Indovision become regular dish antenna, S-Band K Band To be useful for friends and colleagues - fellow bloggers all. curious how, and how come ? see more by the way, read this article to the roots - roots, ...

Chronological modifications Antena Parabola Indovision Being Fair

Hallo friends all readers wherever they are, before I begin how their modifications into a parabolic antenna Indovision usual, I should first tell us the chronology of this Experiment.

Precisely on Sunday 22 February 2015 I tried the experiment is air-antenna modifications indovision become regular dish antenna of S Band Into TWIN C - Band LNBF. The idea of ​​this modification was originally just for fun - on a whim, there Loading-unloading here, cut here and cut there eventually so ?? yet the reader, read on this article ....

The process that I do in this case is to modify the antenna indovision be an antenna C - band takes one full day. I do it from morning till afternoon.

Who told you ??

'' No one heck

So why do you do ??

'' I do it for the loyal readers S P C wherever they may be, because of what? because living in this world must share and share J

'' One thing that is not allowed in the Heart, because what? Because my heart is already taken, chie chie chie, wkwkwkwkwk, ...


Well, dear reader, once ready all new modification results dech I post to just share with friends and colleagues all readers - the bloggers everywhere and for everyone.

Actually the way Indovision antena modification is quite simple and easy, but it requires a bit of hard work and patience during this Anten modify.

Good readers materials that must be prepared in the form of modification This antenna is shown below.

How to Modify

S P C loyal readers above I've talked at length, it is now time for us to modify, Surely you are waiting for is not it ?? The following materials and tools we have to prepare before doing this Modif:

Materials needed
1. Antena former indovision
2. K band LNB with the rings (one ring)
3. Digital Receiver usual parabola
4. Aircraft Television
5. The Iron Giant
6. Cables
7. Screwdriver
8. Drill
9. It just seems that need J
10. Done

Okay after 8th materials and equipment in need have a complete set, now we begin the process of modifying the antenna into the antenna indovision C - Band, previously indovision Antenna is S band.

Look at the picture below, the image Antenna Indovision should we cut in terms of this modification:

Experiment antenna modifications Indovision become commonplace dish antenna, S-Band to C-Band

Antena Modification peroses Indovision To C-Band

1. The need here is in the buffer in Modification indovision antenna (see picture), cut at the tip of the antenna buffer (pole Pokus) about 2 inches. As the picture above:

2. After the cut, then give a hole in the support pole focus that we have cut before using the drill, (may hand drill, electric drill is fine). puncture to put the LNB ring. Note the two screws at the bottom of the LNB to be in the hole

3. Attach the C-Band LNB ring, and pairs well LNB, note the number of LNB 0 (zero), pairs with perpendicular. facing toward the sunrise. Look at the picture above.

4. Attach the coaxial cable from the receiver to the NLD and also the RCA cables to the TV input

5. And last process of pointing the antenna, well this is where a little bit of our hard work lies in this modification that requires patience to get the focus of the satellite signal. both palapa and telecoms satellite,

The trick point position indovision dish antenna to the east toward the rising sun. Here you have to be able to focus the antenna in order to get a signal radiated frequency of the satellite itself. Good luck

6. Finish


Dear loyal readers so used to me Schering on the occasion of the antenna modifications Experiment Indovision become commonplace dish antenna, S-Band C-Band Into hopefully this article helpful and helpful for you and also for everyone. And do not forget anyway I say thank you for visiting my website simple. And stay tuned for my next article also more attractive again, just in