How to Fix the new dry battery aqua water as the liquid electrolyte

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings ! saifulcomelektronik dear readers and friends - friends of all how are you today? easy - hopefully healthy hearty no one any less of course. on this occasion I will share to you all that is on the new How to Fix dry battery aqua water as the liquid electrolyte

How to Fix the new dry battery aqua water as the liquid electrolyte

Well, how to fix a dry battery is exhausted or the battery's current dry battery is reduced drastic. caused because there are elements that are already dry batteries sulfates acid. despite its name dry battery but in it there is also fluid.

Actually repairing dry battery is very easy and easy.

As a result of soak batteries dry battery by comparing the dryness of the battery electrolyte in the battery, in because the battery life is long enough. Usually the use of batteries dry batteries last for 1 to 2 years old. the rest should be in the charger or in service.

Now, if you look at the picture above on the left top there is a drinking water glass Plastic. Do you know what? no other and was not was I created as a replacement for the liquid electrolyte battery battery. Because where I happen to liquid electrolyte is up and I tried to replace it with aqua water.

Good, now process how to improve the dry batteries are exhausted or dead in total and replace the electrolyte with plain water. Materials needed include:
  1. 1 piece aqua glass
  2. Hacksaw
  3. Solder electricity
  4. Battery Charger
  5. Aki which will be improved
After five points above are complete: process follow these steps to replace
  1. Open battery by using a hacksaw, see the picture above, the battery is finished I cut using saws.
  2. After he had opened by cutting using saws, batteries clean up the dirt residue chainsaw as clean as possible.
  3. After a clean look if the copper in the battery there are broken and also see battery element is broken or burned? if there are plug using solder and tin, if damaged element forced in the dressing.
  4. 3 points above are finished, pour water aqua already prepared before, the extent of copper which is in the battery.
  5. The 4 points above has been passed, now charging. battery charge the battery using the battery charger, wait until 6 hours, longer is better but not for too long. for example 24 hours it was too.
  6. Done and good luck ... ..
(Attention to charging battery use motorcycle battery charger under the tension 12 volt battery, charger use 11 volts or 10 volts DC) Learn more I've got the video, for you to see how to repair and replace the electrolyte below:

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