How matching the Fm Transmitter Antenna With Maldol HS-260S

S P C : Hallo friend wherever they are, this occasion I will give tips on how matching the fm transmitter antennas with SWR using maldol type HS-260S. Surely friends all know about matching the antenna with an antenna matching the purpose is to further the beam of the antenna. If the antenna is not matched in sure the antenna can not radiate the frequency with as far as possible.

How matching the Fm Transmitter Antenna With Maldol HS-260S

The tools I use to matching the fm transmitter antenna is quite simply type HS-260S maldol yes it swr standards issued by the artificial or Indonesian products. And antenna that I use Houster type G 6 assemblies that I bought from Surabaya East Java for the purposes of my community radio transmitter.

Why did I choose Hauster G6-type antenna assemblies, because in addition to cost, economical, and also the antenna can radiate frequency houster pretty much only use 70 watts of power booster can reach about 30 kilo meters away from my studio transmitter. And where I also live in the highlands surrounded by mountains. Because the antenna is very good in use in the mountains.

This antenna produce db is quite good with a value nearing 7 db. I use this antenna as an FM radio transmitter operating frequency 108 MHz with the name of my radio in the air known as the name of azkia fm radio, yes it is a community radio rice dumplings children who are in the city where I live. Below is a picture SWR MALDOL HS-260S

Well now I'll give you tips on how to matching the antenna with mandol district hs-260S What can emit a 30 kilo watt meter with just 70 watts.

Tools needed for matching process are:
  1. SWR maldol HS-260S
  2. Antenna Fm Houster G6
  3. Exister 70 watt transmitter assembly Helpless
  4. Dummy load
  5. Cable RG 8 single OM
The very first stage that should be done is matching cable, yes in a way:
  1. Install dummy load at the end of the cable by means of plug connectors used at the end of the cable female with soldered after dummy load plug attached.
  2. Expand the cable along the cable and straight as possible
  3. The second end of the cable pairs are also connectors for connecting to a transmitter exister '' 'not in the solder used to be' 'Because the cord will be cut into pieces to produce the lowest swr. Usahan value is 1.0
  4. Install swr in exister new transmitter to the cable. Previous Set swr to show zero, meaning a way to connect swr exister first transmitter and connect it to output swr dummy load, turn potensiometer to 240 watt numbers that are in the swr. And try not to forget also when set swr switch position in swr, and also the position of the switch watt in a dependent position wattage generated by the transmitter, such as 12 watts to slide the switch to 12 watts on mandol district swr, If more than 12 watts please move again switch exceeds exister watt.
  5. Cut the cable piecemeal. Until getting the lowest swr
To process antenna matching more quickly, use the formula for cutting cables Please googling to get the formula. thence shift Quote Just a few meters away we use formula. To get the browser to please formula J.

After matching process wiring is complete, then the process matching antenna. The process does not complicated matching antenna cable.
  1. Take the cord,
  2. Antenna FM hauster g6
  3. connect the cable to the antenna connector.
  4. Move the switch to the wattage, as watts which is derived from the transmitter, to measure the wattage is issued to move the power switch, move the switch to measure swr mandol district to HS-260S.
  5. Make sure the antenna is in place all of the antennas mustache, loading and aluminum pipe has connected all.
  6. Once you connect the antenna plug the cable into the connector and please ascending lower slot
  7. Observe the needle on the show swr, to show the number of the lowest.
  8. For this prosess switch located on swr mandol district, yes it is the switch upward. Indicates point mandol district swr the HS-260S.
  9. I suggest try on swr value figures show most of lace, yes it is 0 or swr needle does not move at all if could, so that the emission of more far antenna transmits.
Until there used to be an explanation of how matching the FM antenna from my hopefully helpful. To ask a question please leave your comment. forward to the next article of Upper his attention thanks


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