Millions Blogger Indonesia and outside starter failed to become a successful blogger ?

S P C : Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings ! dear loyal readers, do you know many bloggers Indonesia who fail to become a successful blogger, every day the Indonesian bloggers are always increasing, not only in Indonesia alone, the novice bloggers are increasing, but in the country - other countries are also bloggers to grow, but then failed also be a successful blogger.

 Millions Blogger Indonesia and outside starter failed to become a successful blogger ?

Failure meaning in blogging is, failing to get a lot of readers, visitors, and also failed to make money from blogs they manage themselves.

Well, saifulcomelektronik has summarized the cause - the cause of Millions Blogger Indonesia starters who failed to become a successful blogger? What caused it ? please you see some points - points of failure a beginner blogger below.

1. Not serious in taking care of blogs they wake up - the meaning of not serious in taking care of a blog is blogging Just fun - fun course, initially I also began blogging Just fun - fun, if at ask whether blogging for fun is wrong? yes, I think no one hell.

But if you already know, a blog can be used as a source of income from your blog, then my advice is to leave the name of blogging's just fun - fun that, if you want to earn money from your own blog.

2. promoting their blogs in a way wrong - many beginner bloggers feel already writing articles for their own blogs, but it's very regrettable to promote their blog the wrong way, resulting in the visitors on their blogs still deserted, should be said there is no visitor who came to their blogs.

My advice, though many methods - methods to promote the blog, find the one right method for the blog that we manage in promoting it.

3. Not many have the time take care of their blog - The third point is that the biggest problem for those of you who want to become a successful blogger, if you want to become a successful blogger then this third point should you leave. But do not deny it is for you a busy person, then the big problem is that this third point. A success in blogging certainly people who focus on the blogs they manage themselves.

4. Making money from blogs too ambitious - Definitely a blogger wants produce money from blogs they manage, only with writing alone. If you are someone who just learn blogging then do not be too eager to make money from your blog it. My advice to learn the basic focus - basic about blogging first.

You need to remember that, in many blogging benefits will we get, we are so clever writing, learning a lot of things, not the money will we get of course.

5. In managing the blog, it is difficult to focus - On the fifth point is difficult indeed to focus, I also still difficult to focus on managing my own blog from the beginning until now. Therefore, I am also one of those who do not dare to call myself a successful blogger.

But on the Internet, many to review stance - sniper stance on blogging, whether it's from the forum and also from blogger. If we read too much information, it will only make us dizzy alone. Instead of that, then smart to filter the information you get from the moment - moments are scattered on the internet.

6. Lazy learned in managing the blog - if you want to become a successful blogger, then do not be lazy to learn to manage your own blog, look for the right information for your blog from anywhere. And join with the forum - the forum where the gathering of bloggers - a successful blogger.

Take advantage of the Google search engine with good, because information from google the one you can find the information you are looking for is that.

So that I can sharing this time, about Blogger Millions beginner Indonesia failed to become a successful blogger? hopefully this one article useful for you and for everyone else. I thank Not Forgotten have been visiting my web blog is simple, and also look forward to the next article more interesting only in


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