Modifications Kawachi EMERGENCY light into electrical simple remote switch

S P C : Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings ! what companions reportedly loyal readers on chance times? And in this occasion also I will try to share with you loyal readers S P C E. modification Kawachi EMERGENCY light into electric remote switch is simple. Well, Previous, emergency lights I bought from shops selling electric light in which I live, located about 500 meters away from my own home, with the price range is not too expensive at USD 8,5, -. What kind of light? Exactly look at the picture below.

Modifications Kawachi EMERGENCY light into electrical simple remote switch

Emergency lights that I bought has a remote control, the remote function is merely to turn off and turn on the LEDs in emergency lighting that, even then if the lights PLN die then the LED on the lamp will turn on automatically, what if if it shifts the on / off switch to position right EMERGENCY contained in the lamp itself, so the LED lights on the Emergency can use the remote control on / off, but not to turn off the lights in the middle of the emergency lights are connected directly with a current of 220 volts PLN.

Friend readers S P C E, Surely you are curious, how this modification emergency lights into the remote switch ELECTRICITY? because earlier this lamp can only turn off FLOWS DC on LED using the remote control contained in this Kawachi Emergency Lights. Want to know How modifications to be remote electrical switch? see more below ....

How to Modify Emergency Lights Kawachi Become Remote Power Switches

Of course, to modify this emergency lights, emergency lights should be in the first Disarm, means must be used to open the chasing these lights one by one and we use only the components alone. Note the picture below components, emergency lights Kawachi I've Disarm of the emergency lamp casing.

Modifications Kawachi EMERGENCY light into electrical simple remote switch

In modifying this Kawachi emergency lights, there are a few additional components in order to become switch electricity, that there are four components that need to be added to emergency lighting components. Wrote its components What follows below:

1. PNP Transistor D313
2. Diode
3. Resistor 100 Ohm
4. Relay JZG-22nF

All four of the above components is very easy to get on the market, and then to the assembly process into four components is very simple, you just follow the chart below of my own simple as possible.

Modifications Kawachi EMERGENCY light into electrical simple remote switch

After phase assembly finished components such as the image above scheme, the time of the testing process. Is the electric lamp can live and die upon pressing the remote lights? if not try again check connection components - components in rafts.

Well, look at the picture below the result of the modifications I did, in modifying the emergency lights of Kawachi became electric light switch. At the time I press the ON button on the remote so that I plug fluorescent lamps will light up, and vice versa. Learn more in the picture below:

Modifications Kawachi EMERGENCY light into electrical simple remote switch

Look at the picture below, when I press the OFF button on the remote fluorescent lights that I use in this experiment died.

Modifications Kawachi EMERGENCY light into electrical simple remote switch

Well, a friend of loyal readers S P C E is not a way to modify it? My goal is to modify this to ease my turn on unloading electric light in the room - I unloading without having to look for a switch on the wall. Then I sharing to you via the website on my humble blog.

With the tools of this remote switch my stay pressed on / off button on the remote control, the lights in the room flame that my reparations. If you purchased a tool like this would cost about yes ± USD. 40, -. However, modifications capital USD 8,5 - 90% efficient, ....

Here below is the video Modified Emergency lights that I have prepared for loyal readers S P C Welcome watch:

So once I can sharing about Modifications EMERGENCY lights Kawachi be a simple electric switch remote hopefully what I have sharing useful for a friend - a friend of loyal readers S P C E and beneficial also for everyone. Well, forward articles - other interesting articles just in


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