Modifications SWR maldol HS-260S Being Daiwa N-800

S P C SWR Maldol become Daiwa ? can no yes ? Okay of course for a friend to all lovers of radio frequency especially those working in the field of radio transmitters technician no stranger to the name of a tool SWR. Puncture of this tool is as matching antenna that emitted from the antenna becomes more distant.

Well this time I will give you tips and tricks on how to change the Maldol HS260S be? (I call it be the way it works is similar to Daiwa), Daiwa is SWR is known as a famous or well-known in the radio frequency antenna measurement accurate in its field. There's more to cool again yes it analyzer measurement is more accurate but expensive prices.

Make friends hobby professional Modifications electronic device may be a mistake with my article please provide comments in the comment box below !!! Just self-taught I wrote a friend to all, what I know I post here in my simple web's J .....

Well we go back we will discuss on this occasion about Modifications SWR Maldol that the two needle VU power and SWR can work together, how to do, .....

A good friend of all we will start how mods so that the needle SWR maldol Power VU and VU Needle SWR Working simultaneously. In the sense of working coincide not damaged yes ??? yes it easier for us to measure swr matching an antenna with and without complicated moving watt shuttling switch on Maldol HS260S. As Daiwa SWR, ....

Well we start practice right now. The most important ingredient in prepared:
  1. Maldol tool HS-260S
  2. Dummy Load (Substitute antenna, antenna If you wear would also be certainly already matching to facilitate us)
  3. Tools transmitter and antenna cables should be there.
  4. Solder (to facilitate the assembly process)
  5. We start process SWR Modifications.
Assembly process:

After we set up the equipment all because all three are closely related instrument in this maldol me Modifications SWR.

Modifications process is very simple, just connect or soldering of the cable to the other. Yes it is precisely at the switch on the SWR and PWR in the living maldol connect or unify wired cable to the PWR SWR.

Done okay mods maldol swr HS-260S be equal way it works with Daiwa.

These five points above of course, you wonder? Just connect the cable Modifications one and the other. five points above will be useful if we will test the tools we already that last Modifications let me know how it works alone. oke below I had prepared a video for its assembly process to completion. Enjoy hopefully helpful.

this is all I can to make you, hopefully bermamfaat everyone. and natikan next article more interesting only in


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