How to Create a TV Receiver Receiver from All Directions

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How to Create a TV Receiver Receiver from All Directions

How to Create a TV Receiver Receiver from All Directions

TV World Everyone must have known that the antenna is a very important element in a TV or television. Without the antenna, of course the tv can not catch the signal well, so the channel broadcast can not be displayed clearly.

At this time of course we also know that there are many types of antenna on the market ranging from finger antenna, paralon or PVC antenna, dish pan, and many others. Actually the function of the antenna is the same, ie capturing the signal provided by the satellite or TV transmitter properly. But unfortunately the price of antennas in the market is more expensive than we make our own.

Actually we can create an own antenna using simple items that are cheap and easy to search around our environment. It can also take advantage of some unused used items to create a TV antenna to capture signals from the transmitter properly.

Material Making TV Antenna All Directions

So what about digital TV? Digital TV is more or less the same, a good TV antenna is capable of capturing signals well in all directions. Want to know how to make TV Antenna any way? Here's how to easily make TV antenna all directions. Before that prepare the following tools and materials.

  • Zinc Nisplang
  • Zinc scissors
  • Bolts and nails
  • Wooden beams
  • Antenna cable
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver

After all the tools and materials are ready, the zinc cut zinc cuts to form a schematic like the picture below. Oh yes, if you are still confused where to buy zinc nisplang, you can embelinya in building stores. Nisplang zinc required approximately 1 meter.

How to Create a TV Receiver Receiver from All Directions

Well, if zinc nisplang has been cut in accordance with the scheme of the next picture of the pieces of zinc as shown below. Use the prepared tools such as scissors, screwdrivers, nails, and hammers to make them.

How to Create a TV Receiver Receiver from All Directions

Well, until this stage is actually ready to use antenna and ready trial. But before that there are some things that must be considered for the TV antenna results in all directions is maximized. The first is to make sure the connection cable wiring and jack cable should be tight and make sure to stick to the zinc if necessary stained cable using lead.

Next attach or position the antenna at the correct height in order to receive the signal properly. and note also the quality of the cable provided because antenna cable can also affect the quality of signal capture. Therefore pay attention to some of these things correctly.


A few articles on how to make a digital satellite TV dish all the way. Hopefully with this article can provide references and also benefits to the readers. Share this article to friends if useful by using the media sosisal share button below. See you later.


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